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2013 Announcements

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The Uniform Rules Committee has approved two new forms: Form 6A, Appearance, and Form 6B, Submitting appearance.

 These new forms replace Form 6 (version 3). It is hoped that having a separate form of Submitting appearance will help to avoid circumstances where a party intending to file a non-submitting appearance inadvertently leaves a statement of submitting appearance in the document.


The Uniform Rules Committee has approved minor amendments to forms 116 and 123. The amendment to form 116 is a minor amendment to the notice of intention to apply for a reseal of a grant, to make the approved form consistent with the online form. The amendment to form 123 is a minor amendment to the format to make it clearer as to where the person renouncing and the witness should sign.


Updated forms - email address to be included on forms and other minor amendments
On 5 July 2013 an amendment to rule 4.2 commenced. This amendment requires parties filing documents to include an email contact address on all documents.

To reflect this amendment the UCPR forms that can be filed are being amended. Those forms that currently include provision for an email address will be updated by removing the "#" appearing before the email address section on the forms. Currently the "#" appears before the email address to indicate that the information is optional. Those UCPR forms that include a telephone number of the filing or issuing party but do not include provision for an email address will be updated to include provision for the email address.

The following amendments have also been made to forms where appropriate:

  • In relation to proceedings initiating documents and documents that may be the 1 st document being filed in the case by a party, currently some of these forms provide in the full contact information that if the party is unrepresented, that a telephone number and email address are optional (by being preceded by a "#" ). The "#" has been removed.
  • In relation to documents issued by the registry, such as writs and garnishee orders that include contact information in relation to the judgment creditor, the telephone and email information of the judgment creditor has had the preceding # removed.

The updated forms will be published on the UCPR website progressively over the next few weeks.

Other amendments to forms:
The Uniform Rules Committee has also approved the following amendments to the approved forms:

Form 25 - Subpoena to Give evidence
The note following paragraph 2 of the notice to witness has been amended, by deleting references to "clear" days. This will make this note consistent to the equivalent note on forms 26A and 27A.

Form 71-Garnishee Order for Wages or Salary
The rule reference at the top of the form has been corrected (from UCPR rule 39.36 to rule 39.37).

Form 119 - Affidavit of applicant for administration
Minor formatting amendments have been made to separate paragraphs 13 and 14, which are optional and to remove the # appearing before paragraph 15 which should not be optional.

Form 122 - Affidavit of applicant for administration for the purposes of theFamilyProvision Act 1982or Chapter 3 of theSuccession Act 2006
The name of this form has been changed to remove the "s" from "Provisions". The same amendment has been made in the body of this document.

Forms 125,133 and 134
The formatting of these documents have been changed to make it clearer where the person giving the consent should sign and where the witness to that consent should sign.