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  • Fee Waiver Guidelines

    - published by the Department of Attorney General & Justice (DAGJ)
  • Guide to completing the approved forms - this Guide outlines the general principles governing preparation of approved forms. It also contains information about the circumstances in which you might need to file specific approved forms.

NOTE:  If you have an enquiry about a specific form that is not covered in the Guide, you should contact the court currently handling your case (or in which you intend to commence proceedings).

Guide to completing the approved forms

As the Guide is quite lengthy, it has been divided into individual sections so you can skip straight to the section relevant to your enquiry.

Section 1: Introduction

1.1 When should you use this Guide?
1.2 Terms used in this Guide
1.3 Where can I get copies of the approved forms?
1.4 What form must I use?
1.5 Can I change an approved form?
1.6 Where can I send feedback about an approved form?
1.7 Where can I get more information?

Section 2: General information about preparing, filing and amending documents

2.1 How should I prepare a document?
2.2 How should I describe parties and other persons in documents?
2.3 How do I file a document?
2.4 What fee do I have to pay to file a document?
2.5 How do I commence proceedings?
2.6 When do I need to serve documents other than the statement of claim or summons?
2.7 How do I amend a document that has already been filed in court?
2.8 How do I prepare documents that are being filed in relation to a cross-claim?

Section 3: Information that is included in most document

3.1 Court details
3.2 Title of proceedings
3.3 Filing, issuing or preparation details
3.4 Signature
3.5 Certificate under s. 347 Legal Profession Act 2004
3.6 Verification of pleadings
3.7 Party details
3.8 Further details about filing party
3.9 Details about other parties
3.10 Frequent user identifier

Section 4: Information about specific forms

Section 5: List of forms

Section 6: Types of claim